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Resources for beginners from the MACHS 2018 Conference:

Above, the complete session video, below, the session powerpoint, below that, the audio.

All the pink links are live in this slideshow, so go ahead and click to find what you need.

To hear the audio for Before You Begin 2018, click here

To hear the audio for the Complete Beginner’s Guide 2018, click here
Complete Beginner’s Guide slideshow

Where to start your research
HSLDA resource articles
CCHE resource links

How to prove homeschooling works
Canadian Homeschool Research
Research based on comparing standardized test scores (USA):
(these include the bell curve images from the session slide show)
National Home Education Research Institute (USA)
“The Proven Benefits of Home Education” Peter Stock (HSLDA)
MACHS Conference recording available to MACHS members at

Learning Styles Resources
This HSLDA article is a fantastic tool for ideas on how to incorporate their learning styles with teaching.  Actually, it is likely the only resource someone would need!
The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias.
Graphics showing learning styles:
Pie graph image
Three kids learning styles image

Homeschooling Methods Resources
HSLDA blog articles

Contact info for support resources
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HSLDA Canada   $156 per year, with MACHS discount
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The following are lists of hundreds of parent-tested resources:

Recommended Parent Reading
Parent-recommended Online Resources
How to find good books!
Parent-recommended Curriculum
Other resources – podcasts, field trips, extras, support networks

Many thanks to Tina Kirschner for compiling the lists of 2017 parent-recommendations!

MACHS can’t specifically endorse any product or service and leaves decisions as to suitability up to the parent’s discernment.